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about 9,000 of these near earth asteroids. about 1800 of them are fairly large and those are of particular interest to us. >> this has been a successful program and we have retired the majority of risk associated with an asteroid impact in the near future. >> reporter: nobody saw the russian meteor coming. when it did, it released 20 times as much energy as the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima in 1945. no wonder nasa is keeping a closing watch for anything like it headed our way. at this moment, that near miss asteroid is now on its way out of the earth moon system. at 4 a.m. tomorrow, it will head outside the orbit of the moon. you can't see it without a powerful telescope. the magnitude is just about 7.4 well beyond naked iviesibility. but they will have telescopes at nasa you can watch it online. in the meantime, elizabeth, i have to tell you, what an extraordinary coincidence. we are sitting here waiting for this big near miss asteroid and
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then the real thing actually smashes into russia and it doesn't only smash into russia. it smashes as the biggest fall in 100 years and that last one in tunguska in 1908 was only 3,000 miles from this one. that's the longest astronomical hole in one you can possibly imagine. >> the video was incredible. >> reporter: incredible. >> i want to ask you, like, how often does this sort of thing happen asteroids and meteorites? how often do they come this close to earth? >> reporter: welsh the one that happened this morning, you know, was the biggest one since 1908. we got a fireball at least once a day but most of the time it's over the ocean. something this big doesn't happen more than once in a century and the near miss something like this near miss, about once every 40 years, elizabeth. >> wow. all right, brian hackney, thank you. you can see more of that amazing video of the meteor as well as the photo gallery of its path of destruction on our website,
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new details on the assassination threat against state senator leland yee. the man who turned his home into a bomb-making factories sent an email to the senator detailing exactly how he was going to carry out his threat. kpix 5's len ramirez is at the suspect's house where the search for explosives is wrapping up. len. >> reporter: that's right. it's been a long week out here in santa clara. but allen, as you mentioned, that email threat that was allegedly sent by mr. basham to leland yee's office apparently detailed the how, when and the where that this attack would take place. the sender also indicated he had extensive sniper training perhaps not coincidentally one of the charges leveled against mr. basham today was for the unlawful possession of a very high-powered sniper rifle. reporter: santa clara bomb plot suspect everett basham walked into court making small steps due to the shackles on his ankles, wrist and waist. after briefly sitting and the
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correcting the judge on the pronunciation of his name, basham appeared ready to make a statement and tried to stand. >> you may be seated. >> okay. >> sir -- >> reporter: a few seconds later, his court-appointed lawyer stepped over to make sure he didn't say anything more. >> we have charged the defendant with 10 felonies and two misdemeanors. >> reporter: the felonies stem from items found at basham's home and vehicles including ready-made bombs, explosive chemicals and other components as well as illegal assault rifles and this, a specialized long range sniper rifle a .416 barrett. >> if convicted on all counts his maximum time is about 13 years. >> reporter: he was arrested tuesday in sunnyvale after allegedly threatening to kill state senator leland yee who has offered gun control legislation in sacramento which basham opposed. the california highway patrol says basham was carrying a concealed weapon at the time of the arrest. then a search of his residence on humboldt avenue turned up a
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cache of explosives, some of which were detonated on scene, others were driven away in a special containment vessel. but the last four days, investigators have been searching his home which appears guarded by several professional grade surveillance cameras. inside the cluttered rooms, investigators are still looking for more evidence to build their case that the threats were real. >> when we found the destructive devices, more or less it was items that were complete in nature and more apt to be used without any additional work to be done on them. >> reporter: and back live here in santa clara, the investigators say they are wrapping up their investigation as far as mr. basham's house is concerned, but there's a lot more that they still have to do to try and connect the dots and put the puzzle pieces together to continue to make this case. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. police are asking neighbors for help catching home burglary suspects who attacked two people with a hatchet. it happened last night in san francisco's noe valley in the
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300 block of 27th street. the victim suffered deep cuts but the injuries are not considered life-threatening. police are looking for three male suspects. >> i had heard some screams late at night about 10:30, i came outside to see what it was about and i saw a teenager. he was running up the street. when he saw me he stopped running. >> anyone with information is urged to call san francisco police. other bay area headlines, antioch police are investigating a traffic accident that killed a 14-year- old girl. the person was struck by a car at 6:40 was night while crossing hillcrest avenue near hidden glen drive. a memorial with balloons and stuffed animals now marks the intersection. the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with police. they do not think speed or alcohol were factors. in san francisco, a neighborhood still buzzing about a wild chase that ended with a dramatic crash. it started just after 9:00 when police spotted a man driving a
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stolen car. he took off and at one point, drove on to a sidewalk to avoid being caught. it all ended in a four-car crash at fifth and mission. the suspect and four others were injured but are expected to recover. hundreds of people who gave up their guns finally got their money today. last month, marin county collected more than 800 weapons. but the money set aside for buy backs ran out in 90 minutes. the county raised more money to pay for $70,000 of vouchers that were issued and today, those folks are able to cash in. in fact, until 8 p.m. at the showcase theater at marin county civic center. a special ceremony at the white house today honoring victims of the sandy hook school shooting. president obama presented the presidential citizens medal to the families of the six school staffers killed in the massacre. the award is the nation's second highest civilian honor. mr. obama wiped away a tear as he reflected on the victims' sacrifices.
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>> they gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. >> ever since the sandy hook massacre, the president promised to crackdown on gun violence. after the ceremony, mr. obama left for chicago to push his gun control agenda. insult to injury, how even on land the cruise ship passengers ran into bad luck on their long voyage home. >> good for your heart, but not for your risk of cancer. the new information linking alcohol use to several cancers. >> it is the day after valentine's day but the high temperatures today it should be the day after easter. take a look at the numbers. 76 degrees for los gatos, 73 for palo alto. fairfield 73. san ramon 72. believe it or not it's going to feel a lot like winter soon. find out when the chilly change is coming coming up. >> he captured her heart then drained her bank account. the trick the con man used to
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dupe even the most skeptical of women.
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of alcohol can be good for your heart... but now we're lear we have been told moderate amounts of alcohol can be good for your heart. now we're learning even a small amount can raise your cancer risk. >> kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich with the bay area's role in tracing alcohol to high rate of cancer deaths. >> reporter: any heart benefit with alcohol is outweighed by deaths. a study released in the american journal of public health says alcohol causes ten times as many deaths as it prevents. >> there is no safe limit for alcohol and cancer. >> reporter: dr. tom greenfield is with the alcohol research group of the public health institute in emeryville. he coauthored the study. >> people haven't thought about alcohol being carcinogenic even though there are warning signs in the stores. >> reporter: he says 20,000
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americans lose their lives to cancer every year as a result of drinking alcohol. while most deaths occur among those who drink 3 or more a day, roughly a third occur with lighter drinking with no more than 1 1/2 drinks a day. so what counts as a drink? you might be surprised. 12 ounces of regular beer. 5 ounces of wine, 1 1/2 ounces of hard liquor each one considered a drink. >> this study strengthens what in the cancer community we have known all along. >> reporter: dr. sani is with valley medical oncology consultants. he says this study provides further validation about alcohol and cancer versus benefits to the heart. >> the patients immediately come back to me and say i have known all these years that it's good for my heart. we know that heart disease is more prevalent and more common but the statistic by 2020 unfortunately is that cancer will be the number one killer in this country.
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>> reporter: and we're not just talking about liver cancer. it includes breast cancer, esophogeal cancer and others. cancer related deaths due to alcohol can reduce a person's life-span on average up to 18 years. in emeryville, juliette goodrich kpix 5. world famous olympian oscar pistorius charged with premeditated murder. the blade runner's hobby that's not helping his case. >> and mr. wrong. her new boyfriend sounded too good to be true and he was. >> i was not a victim. i was a damn fool. >> the tricks a con man is using to take advantage of women's hearts and drain their bank accounts. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. a live look at the eastern span of the new bridge as we count down to opening day.
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by ex-cop fugitive, christopher dorner -- has been found outside the cabi a firearm that may have been used by ex-cop fugitive christopher dorner has been found outside the cabin where he died. the p22 long barrel with a suppresser was found this morning in the snow. our sister station in los angeles is the only station to
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get a look at it. the man who found it had gone to the area to see where the 10- day ordeal ended. >> seeing where he crashed the car, and i stopped and then i saw the gun laying in the snow. >> the san bernardino sheriff's office has the weapon now and is inspecting it. just about an hour ago, the san bernardino sheriff said dorner was hiding in a condo right across the street from the command post during the manhunt. he also said an autopsy on dorner shows he died from a single gunshot wound to the head. south african track star oscar pistorius was charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. he held his head in his hands and sobbed during the hearing. the paralympian known as the blade runner is accused of shooting reeva steenkamp four times. today we learned that one of his hobbies was target shooting. the writer for the "new york times" magazine says pistorius invited him to the shooting range during an interview last year. >> we went to the firing range
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and we shot his nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol. >> police recovered a 9- millimeter pistol from the scene, the same gun believed to be used in the killing. pistorius's family members issued a statement insisting he is not guilty of murder. one bay area woman's dream date turned into a valentine's horror story. she met a man online who seemed perfect. smart, charming. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says little did she know that she was actually dating a con man who has been ripping off women coast to coast. >> i was not a victim. i was a damn fool. reporter: instead of listening to her inner voice she listed to the man she met online. >> he was from the south. he drew me in. >> reporter: she fell for him. they talked and skypeed several times a day and then her online sweetheart made a shocking
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offer. >> he said i want to pay your debt off. i said why? he said that's what god told me to do. >> reporter: that is what he did erasing her $80,000 of debt. a few days later she began suspicious when she began asking for a small series of wire transfers. are these credit cards paid off in yes. do i have confirmation yes? is there any way this is reversible? no, the money is good. >> reporter: but it wasn't. it took the banks two weeks to realize the bank accounts were empty and she wired him $8,000. the detective says tamara isn't alone. the casanova scammer's real name is brian wedgeworth a felon wanted in many states. >> this is a new scam. he is hunting in a new ground that i have never seen before. >> reporter: cook says the targets are professionals, lawyers, doctors, women who
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never thought they could be duped. >> it's his craft. he honed it. >> reporter: she discovered 150 others online who fell for her scam. >> one killed herself. >> reporter: she is worried there could be more preying on others right now. she is coming forward with a warning for women searching for love online. follow your instincts. >> that voice is right. >> reporter: wedge worth is now behind bars in georgia on charges of identity fraud and could face more charges in at least three other states. but california is not one of them. and it's unlikely tamara will ever get her money back. >> but if those women could get ahold of him. >> there are certainly over 100 and i'm sure they have some ideas on what they would like to do to him. well, what's not too good to be true is this weather. it's gorgeous outside. >> man, the joyful noise of all the children in the neighborhoods playing and the
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dogs barking at the park, it puts a smile on folks' face. although we could use rainfall, we'll see that next week, beautiful day outside today. many of you in the mid-70s in the south bay, inland as we start this holiday weekend around 7degrees for san francisco. san jose and santa rosa. oakland you hit 75 today. you're currently at 72. the cool spot it's chilly in livermore at 65 degrees. you hit the upper 60s. radar is clear. that's going to change, as well. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar will be showing some activity moving in monday evening. we have a holiday weekend coming up and it won't be that chilly overnight. 43 concord, 49 san francisco and napa 41. high pressure is in the perfect spot to at offshore wind for one more day. notice there is some moisture trying to head in our direction moving from west to east. look what's happening. it's hitting the wall and being shoved way up into canada. that's because of that protective dome of high pressure literally blocking moisture, fronts, storms, rainfall from making it to the
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bay area. but the process of cooling us down begins on sunday. tomorrow another day right around 70 degrees. very mild outside. then high pressure begins to slide down to the south and that same dome of high pressure will give us an onshore flow. mid-60s on sunday. upper 50s for a high on monday. say good-bye to the 70s for a while. once we're finished with tomorrow, after that we are going to have a cold front, likely the first of many cold fronts, ushering in a different weather pattern. hiles in the mid-50s, scattered showers and a lot of cloud cover. so some much-needed rainfall will arrive by next week. but we are staying dry for the entire holiday weekend despite the drop in temperature. by monday we are down to the 50s for highs and that rain will move in monday night. but tomorrow gorgeous, great weather to get outside. concord 70, san jose 70, oakland 70. right around 70 for palo alto, redwood city, fremont, milpitas. near 70 for san ramon and danville. walnut creek you will hit 70. concord too. sonoma too. oakland too. and the mid-60s tomorrow for
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san francisco. a spectacular saturday. sunday, 5 degrees cooler, monday another 7 degrees cooler. so from the 70s to the 50s. rain arrives on tuesday and we'll see some scattered showers around next thursday and next friday, as well. beautiful day outside so kpix 5 reporter gonzalez is out in mobile weather lab. >> reporter: we came to downtown pleasanton and what an extraordinary night it is. look down main street here. this is referred to as restaurant rowhere we have the most exceptional outdoor a night for that because currently it is 66 degrees just dropped to 65 after a high of 73. this is alberto's cantina already filling up on this friday night. let's step in. we a little motley crue gathering. what's your name? >> wanda. >> reporter: do you think of the weather? >> 74? who wouldn't enjoy it. >> reporter: coming up we'll talk about how much longer warm weather will last, how long we'll be able to wear short sleeves and when the ryan will arrive. what do you think about that? >> no rain. >> no rain! [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: that's coming up at 6:00. reporting with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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cruise ship. many headed to new orleans had their bus break down...making an already long journey almost too much to bear.. even on land they couldn't escape the curse of the cruise ship. many headed to new orleans had their bus break down making an already long journey almost too much to bear because after days in those deplorable conditions on the broken-down ship, thousands of passengers are finally home. and, of course, trying to forget their vacation turned into a nightmare. cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us what those passengers had to endure. >> reporter: tugboats moved the carnival triumph to a shipyard in the port of mobile this morning. a team of engineers and investigators is looking into the cause of the engine fire and the extent of the damage. it's unclear where the repairs and clean-up will be done. thousands of passengers erupted into cheers as the ship finally docked last night. they showed video and photos of the squalid conditions they endured sewage-soaked floors,
5:24 pm
plastic bags as toilets, tent camps on deck. nicole brown of dallas has a bed sheet that hundreds of fellow passengers signed. >> roses are red, violets are blue, use a red bag when you do number 2. >> reporter: robin burgess kept one of the infamous red bags as a memento. she has a souvenir mug. >> it says the gas capacity is 2758. and the total staff capacity was 1100. you add those up those are not quite make it to 4200. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard with the assistance of the national transportation safety board is leading the u.s. part of the investigation. but final decisions about the cause of the blaze and the repairs that are necessary will be made by the bahamas, where the ship is registered. carnival is offering $500 cash a full refund and discounts on future cruises. >> they can have whatever they offer us, they can actually keep. or i'll take it and i'll frame it. >> reporter: after docking last night, some passengers boarded buses to texas and louisiana.
5:25 pm
a bus headed for new orleans broke down. randall pinkston, cbs news, mobile, alabama. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian
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he's a smart guy. in fact he's the head of the cal math club. but he's taking a calculated risk... the secret this bay area student's been hiding. new at:00 he is a smart guy. you see the hid of the cal math club but taking a calculated risk. the secret this bay area student's been hiding and how he is risking his own future with a very public proclamation. and she calls herself warbler. why northern california's latest tree sitter is perching
5:28 pm
her 50 feet above ground refusing to come down. that and more tonight at 6:00. >> that happens for watching at 5:00. "cbs evening news" is next. thanks for watching at 5:00. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> mason: tonight, some thought it was the end of the world. mark phillips on the meteor that exploded over russia, shatteringth glass and injuring hundreds. faced with an epidemic of gunence, violence, chicago's mayor prop proposes mandatory jail time for gun crimes. dean reynolds looks at how it could work. passengers from that crippledm that c cruise ship tell their horror stories to anna werner. >> reporter: what was the worst part about that for you? >> not having a toilet. it was just really gross. >> mason: and -- >> c >> courageous heart, the selfless spirit. >> mason: the president honors heroes from sandy hook school.steve hart steve hartman goes on the roadof to learn more about one of them. >> w >> when she started working with
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these kids, it was her mission. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: scott is on assignment. i'm anthony mason. it happened in a flash and without warning. a meteor weighing 15,000 pounds streaked across the sky overcausing a russia today causing a shocknt to a sm wave with a force equivalent to a small atomic bomb. the biggest meteor blast in more than a century. more than a thousand people werethan a hurt, most from flying glass when windows were blown out. windows w that streak of light could be seen for hundreds of the city of chelyabinsk-- 900 miles east of moscow-- bore the brunt. mark phillips begins our coverage. >> reporter: visits from outer space may have been happening since the

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